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Thursday, 24 March 2011

0 Digital Storm Announces Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 Equipped Line Of PCs.

Following Nvidia’s release of their new, top of the ling single-card GPU, the GeForce GTX 590, Digital Storm is announcing their own high-end hardware. The popular custom PC manufacturer has announced GTX 590 options for the company’s Black OPS and Special OPS lines of gaming PCs. Further bolstering this brute strength approach, Digital Storm is pushing their high-end setup which includes an Intel Core i7 970 hex-core CPU, 12GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, 160GB SSD, and 2x SLI Quad Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 3GB cards. Said configuration can be yours for an unsettling $4,883. If a single GTX 590 is enough, the lower end $2,500 setup with Intel Core i7 2600K, 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, and 1TB 7200 RPM hard drive may be more to your liking. Either way, a lot of power can be had.

For more information, check out Digital Storm’s Black OPS and Special OPS pages.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

0 Original Scans Of Grand Theft Auto Circa 1995 Hit The Web.

How about some gaming nostalgia to start off your hump day morning? Slashdot has posted a link to original scans consisting of Grand Theft Auto circa 1995 when the game was in the very beginning development stages. At that time, it GTA as we know it today was called “Race ‘n Chase”. The documents are in reverse chronological order so you’ll have to cycle to the left instead of right. With that aside, take a few minutes and give them a look. 1995, here we come…

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Gadget lover, smartphone collector, and beer connoisseur. I've been writing about gadgets for three years now and loving every minute of it. Outside of the digital landscape, I enjoy being active outdoors. I'm always up for a good conversation, so feel free to drop me a line!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

0 Microsoft Begins Rolling Out “NoDo” Windows Phone 7 Update In Select European Markets.

European Windows Phone 7 users will begin enjoying a rare first over the coming days â€" updates before their U.S. counterparts. Microsoft announced today that they have begun rolling out the “NoDo” Windows Phone 7 update to select European markets. Said update will bring Copy/Paste functionality, CDMA support, “Tombstoning”, improved marketplace searches, and the usual bug squashing. As of writing, Microsoft hasn’t released any specifics regarding a U.S. rollout for the much sought after update. Though as always, we’ll update you as soon as the information becomes available.

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Author: Mike visit my website

Gadget lover, smartphone collector, and beer connoisseur. I've been writing about gadgets for three years now and loving every minute of it. Outside of the digital landscape, I enjoy being active outdoors. I'm always up for a good conversation, so feel free to drop me a line!

Monday, 21 March 2011

0 Blindsided: AT&T Agrees To Purchase T-Mobile USA For $39 Billion.

Wow! Talk about a surprise (and depending on where you live, a not so happy one). Today via press release, AT&T announced that they have reached a deal with Deutsche Telekom to purchase T-Mobile USA for $39 billion â€" $25 billion in cash and $14 billion in stock giving Deutsche Telekom an 8% stake in AT&T. According to AT&T’s press release, they look to expand their LTE footprint with T-Mobile’s AWS 1700MHz band along with their own 700MHz band.

Now don’t go crying just yet T-Mobile fans. Just because AT&T gobbled up Centennial and regurgitated their own sub-par offerings doesn’t mean come Monday morning your own network and customer service is going to go from A+ to bouncing off Hell’s gates. The buyout that AT&T is pursuing will effectively create a GSM monopoly in the U.S. (far from the “competition” AT&T boasts in their lengthy press release). As such, expect heavy government scrutiny over the next 12 months (the estimated time it will take to cut through all of the red tape) along with plenty of questions from concerned consumers and politicians alike.

It’s kind of ironic. Several years back, AT&T was forcefully broken up by the government because they were too big and stifling competition. Over the last few years, AT&T has been picking up a ton of small companies here and there, slowly but surely growing back into the giant they once were. Could we be approaching another instance in which government intervention is needed?

T-Mobile fans: What do you think? Is a mass exodus now on the calendar?

Gadgetsteria’s opinion: If the government approves the merger, consumer choice will be severely affected, leaving AT&T to continue their recurring practice of charging more for less while also ensuring the U.S. cellular industry falls further behind international markets.

Press release after the jump…”

Press Release

AT&T to Acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom

Provides Fast, Efficient and Certain Solution to Impending Spectrum Exhaust Challenges Facing AT&T and T-Mobile USA in Key Markets Due to Explosive Demand for Mobile Broadband

Enhances Network Capacity, Output and Quality in Near Term for Both Companies’ Customers

AT&T Commits to Expand 4G LTE Deployment to an Additional 46.5 Million Americans, Including in Rural, Smaller Communities, for a Total of 294 Million or 95% of the U.S. Population

Provides 4G LTE Service for T-Mobile USA’s 34 Million Subscribers

More Than $8 Billion in Incremental Infrastructure Spend by a U.S. Company over Seven Years, Enabling Nation’s High-Tech Industry, Innovation and Economic Growth

Creates Substantial Value for AT&T Shareholders Through Large, Straightforward Synergies

DALLAS & BONN, Germanyâ€"(BUSINESS WIRE)â€"AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) and Deutsche Telekom AG (FWB: DTE) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which AT&T will acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom in a cash-and-stock transaction currently valued at approximately $39 billion. The agreement has been approved by the Boards of Directors of both companies.

“This transaction represents a major commitment to strengthen and expand critical infrastructure for our nation’s future.”

AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile USA provides an optimal combination of network assets to add capacity sooner than any alternative, and it provides an opportunity to improve network quality in the near term for both companies’ customers. In addition, it provides a fast, efficient and certain solution to the impending exhaustion of wireless spectrum in some markets, which limits both companies’ ability to meet the ongoing explosive demand for mobile broadband.

With this transaction, AT&T commits to a significant expansion of robust 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) deployment to 95 percent of the U.S. population to reach an additional 46.5 million Americans beyond current plans â€" including rural communities and small towns. This helps achieve the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and President Obama’s goals to connect “every part of America to the digital age.” T-Mobile USA does not have a clear path to delivering LTE.

“This transaction represents a major commitment to strengthen and expand critical infrastructure for our nation’s future,” said Randall Stephenson, AT&T Chairman and CEO. “It will improve network quality, and it will bring advanced LTE capabilities to more than 294 million people. Mobile broadband networks drive economic opportunity everywhere, and they enable the expanding high-tech ecosystem that includes device makers, cloud and content providers, app developers, customers, and more. During the past few years, America’s high-tech industry has delivered innovation at unprecedented speed, and this combination will accelerate its continued growth.”

Stephenson continued, “This transaction delivers significant customer, shareowner and public benefits that are available at this level only from the combination of these two companies with complementary network technologies, spectrum positions and operations. We are confident in our ability to execute a seamless integration, and with additional spectrum and network capabilities, we can better meet our customers’ current demands, build for the future and help achieve the President’s goals for a high-speed, wirelessly connected America.”

Deutsche Telekom Chairman and CEO René Obermann said, “After evaluating strategic options for T-Mobile USA, I am confident that AT&T is the best partner for our customers, shareholders and the mobile broadband ecosystem. Our common network technology makes this a logical combination and provides an efficient path to gaining the spectrum and network assets needed to provide T-Mobile customers with 4G LTE and the best devices. Also, the transaction returns significant value to Deutsche Telekom shareholders and allows us to retain exposure to the U.S. market.”

As part of the transaction, Deutsche Telekom will receive an equity stake in AT&T that, based on the terms of the agreement, would give Deutsche Telekom an ownership interest in AT&T of approximately 8 percent. A Deutsche Telekom representative will join the AT&T Board of Directors.

Competition and Pricing

The U.S. wireless industry is one of the most fiercely competitive markets in the world and will remain so after this deal. The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world where a large majority of consumers can choose from five or more wireless providers in their local market. For example, in 18 of the top 20 U.S. local markets, there are five or more providers. Local market competition is escalating among larger carriers, low-cost carriers and several regional wireless players with nationwide service plans. This intense competition is only increasing with the build-out of new 4G networks and the emergence of new market entrants.

The competitiveness of the market has directly benefited consumers. A 2010 report from the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) states the overall average price (adjusted for inflation) for wireless services declined 50 percent from 1999 to 2009, during a period which saw five major wireless mergers.

Addresses wireless spectrum challenges facing AT&T, T-Mobile USA, their customers, and U.S. policymakers

This transaction quickly provides the spectrum and network efficiencies necessary for AT&T to address impending spectrum exhaust in key markets driven by the exponential growth in mobile broadband traffic on its network. AT&T’s mobile data traffic grew 8,000 percent over the past four years and by 2015 it is expected to be eight to 10 times what it was in 2010. Put another way, all of the mobile traffic volume AT&T carried during 2010 is estimated to be carried in just the first six to seven weeks of 2015. Because AT&T has led the U.S. in smartphones, tablets and e-readers â€" and as a result, mobile broadband â€" it requires additional spectrum before new spectrum will become available. In the long term, the entire industry will need additional spectrum to address the explosive growth in demand for mobile broadband.

Improves service quality for U.S. wireless customers

AT&T and T-Mobile USA customers will see service improvements â€" including improved voice quality â€" as a result of additional spectrum, increased cell tower density and broader network infrastructure. At closing, AT&T will immediately gain cell sites equivalent to what would have taken on average five years to build without the transaction, and double that in some markets. The combination will increase AT&T’s network density by approximately 30 percent in some of its most populated areas, while avoiding the need to construct additional cell towers. This transaction will increase spectrum efficiency to increase capacity and output, which not only improves service, but is also the best way to ensure competitive prices and services in a market where demand is extremely high and spectrum is in short supply.

Expands 4G LTE deployment to 95 percent of U.S. population â€" urban and rural areas

This transaction will directly benefit an additional 46.5 million Americans â€" equivalent to the combined populations of the states of New York and Texas â€" who will, as a result of this combination, have access to AT&T’s latest 4G LTE technology. In terms of area covered, the transaction enables 4G LTE deployment to an additional 1.2 million square miles, equivalent to 4.5 times the size of the state of Texas. Rural and smaller communities will substantially benefit from the expansion of 4G LTE deployment, increasing the competitiveness of the businesses and entrepreneurs in these areas.

Increases AT&T’s investment in the U.S.

The acquisition will increase AT&T’s infrastructure investment in the U.S. by more than $8 billion over seven years. Expansion of AT&T’s 4G LTE network is an important foundation for the next wave of innovation and growth in mobile broadband, ensuring the U.S. continues to lead the world in wireless technology and availability. It makes T-Mobile USA, currently a German-owned U.S. telecom network, part of a U.S.-based company.

An impressive, combined workforce

Bringing AT&T and T-Mobile USA together will create an impressive workforce that is best positioned to compete in today’s global economy. Post-closing, AT&T intends to tap into the significant knowledge and expertise held by employees of both AT&T and T-Mobile USA to succeed. AT&T is the only major U.S. wireless company with a union workforce, offering leading wages, benefits, training and development for employees. The combined company will continue to have a strong employee and operations base in the Seattle area.

Consistent with AT&T’s track record of value-enhancing acquisitions

AT&T has a strong track record of executing value-enhancing acquisitions and expects to create substantial value for shareholders through large, straightforward synergies with a run rate of more than $3 billion, three years after closing onward (excluding integration costs). The value of the synergies is expected to exceed the purchase price of $39 billion. Revenue synergies come from opportunities to increase smartphone penetration and data average revenue per user, with cost savings coming from network efficiencies, subscriber and support savings, reduced churn and avoided capital and spectrum expenditures.

The transaction will enhance margin potential and improve the company’s long-term revenue growth potential as it benefits from a more robust mobile broadband platform for new services.

Additional financial information

The $39 billion purchase price will include a cash payment of $25 billion with the balance to be paid using AT&T common stock, subject to adjustment. AT&T has the right to increase the cash portion of the purchase price by up to $4.2 billion with a corresponding reduction in the stock component, so long as Deutsche Telekom receives at least a 5 percent equity ownership interest in AT&T.

The number of AT&T shares issued will be based on the AT&T share price during the 30-day period prior to closing, subject to a 7.5 percent collar; there is a one-year lock-up period during which Deutsche Telekom cannot sell shares.

The cash portion of the purchase price will be financed with new debt and cash on AT&T’s balance sheet. AT&T has an 18-month commitment for a one-year unsecured bridge term facility underwritten by J.P. Morgan for $20 billion. AT&T assumes no debt from T-Mobile USA or Deutsche Telekom and continues to have a strong balance sheet.

The transaction is expected to be earnings (excluding non-cash amortization and integration costs) accretive in the third year after closing. Pro-forma for 2010, this transaction increases AT&T’s total wireless revenues from $58.5 billion to nearly $80 billion, and increases the percentage of AT&T’s total revenues from wireless, wireline data and managed services to approximately 80 percent.

This transaction will allow for sufficient cash flow to support AT&T’s dividend. AT&T has increased its dividend for 27 consecutive years, a matter decided by AT&T’s Board of Directors.


The acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals, a reverse breakup fee in certain circumstances, and other customary regulatory and other closing conditions. The transaction is expected to close in approximately 12 months.


Greenhill & Co., J.P. Morgan and Evercore Partners acted as financial advisors and Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, Arnold & Porter, and Crowell & Moring provided legal advice to AT&T.

Conference Call/Webcast

On Monday, March 21, 2011, at 8 a.m. ET, AT&T Inc. will host a live video and audio webcast presentation regarding its announcement to acquire T-Mobile USA. Links to the webcast and accompanying documents will be available on AT&T’s Investor Relations website. Please log in 15 minutes ahead of time to test your browser and register for the call.

For dial-in access, please dial +1 (888) 517-2464 within the U.S. or +1 (630) 827-6816 outside the U.S. after 7:30 a.m. ET. Enter passcode 8442095# to join or ask the conference call operator for the AT&T Investor Relations event.

The webcast will be available for replay on AT&T’s Investor Relations website on March 21, 2011, starting at 12:30 p.m. ET through April 21, 2011. An archive of the conference call will also be available during this time period. To access the recording, please dial +1 (877) 870-5176 within the U.S. or +1 (858) 384-5517 outside the U.S. and enter reservation code 29362481#.

Transaction Website

For more information on the transaction, including background information and factsheets, visit

Via: TmoNews

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

0 HTC Thunderbolt Now Available For Sale!

The one, the only, the much hyped HTC Thunderbolt is now available for sale on Verizon Wireless for $249 on contract and $599 off. If you ask us, that’s a sweet deal on a smartphone that has been hitting 5-18Mbps down and ~5Mbps up out in public. Of course, the second-gen 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 768MB of RAM, and 4.3″ display with 800 x 400 resolution will keep your whistle nice and wet for some months to come. If you’re heading out to your local VZW store today to pick up a fine piece of LTE history, be sure to drop a comment inside and let us know how it goes…

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Monday, 14 March 2011

0 Angry Birds Rio For Android Being Sold Exclusively Through Amazon.

Android users who want to get their Angry Birds fix with the latest up and coming Angry Birds title, “Angry Birds Rio”, will have one place and one place alone to find said title. Rovio Mobile announced this morning via press release that Amazon’s AppStore will be the exclusive provider of their new game for Android users. On top of that, the ad-free version of Angry Birds Rio as well as previous versions of Angry Birds will also be made available exclusively through the Amazon AppStore. For other third party Android app stores and even Google themselves, this splintering of store fronts is something worth worrying about. At least for Google, this means they’re not doing their job in keeping up with developers’ demands for the Android Market. As such, they’re finding love in other places.

Look for the 60-level strong Angry Birds Rio to hit the Amazon AppStore ( soon.

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Gadget lover, smartphone collector, and beer connoisseur. I've been writing about gadgets for three years now and loving every minute of it. Outside of the digital landscape, I enjoy being active outdoors. I'm always up for a good conversation, so feel free to drop me a line!

0 NFC Not Debuting On iPhone 5.

Despite persistant rumors saying otherwise, new evidence is pointing to an iPhone 5 without NFC capabilities. Such claims were apparently made by Apple during meetings with European cellular carriers. According to reports from the Independent, Apple is waiting on clearer standards as well as waiting for their own NFC technology to mature before they make their move. Apple’s NFC technology would unsurprisingly revolve around iTunes for the exchange of cash.

Similar rumors pegged the iPad 2 as debuting with NFC technologies as well. Though as we’ve all seen, such rumors never quite came to fruition, as the iPad 2 is NFC-less. With projected sales of NFC payments slated to hit €110bn by 2015, it’s definitely in every mobile manufacturer and cellular providers’ best interests to get a grip on this technology sooner rather than later. Hopefully 2012 brings clearer standards and/or Apple’s own NFC technology ready to battle with the likes of Google’s own NFC-capable Android devices and any other contenders that enter the market space.

Via: 9to5Mac

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Author: Mike visit my website

Gadget lover, smartphone collector, and beer connoisseur. I've been writing about gadgets for three years now and loving every minute of it. Outside of the digital landscape, I enjoy being active outdoors. I'm always up for a good conversation, so feel free to drop me a line!

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